Celebrating 26.7% Energy Savings



Justin Davies (MD, TEX PLASTICS) invited Best.Energy into our manufacturing facilities to see how cutting idle times and behavioural changes could help us on our Net Zero journey. 

Opportunities for Saving Energy

“The Best.Energy system tags assets such as injection moulding machines, compressors, AC units and granulators, and the software builds a profile of energy usage. Opportunities for saving energy are highlighted and monitored in real time”.



The Eniscope system went live at TEX PLASTICS in early 2023 and has delivered a jaw-dropping 26.7% of energy savings with zero capital expenditure. 

“Eniscope will help us to achieve further gains and really understand where we could still improve”.

Simon Jennings (CMO and Head of UK Direct Best.Energy) explains how the system works in this YouTube case study.


Thank you, Simon!


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