Tex Bake Sale


TEX GROUP bake sale team for Breast Cancer Now

We love cake! A great big thank you to the TEX team for organising a bake sale in support of Breast Cancer Now, the research and care charity.

Spurred on by the team, our talented TEX GROUP bakers whipped up some truly scrumptious cakes and savouries. Thanks to the hordes of hungry TEX GROUP employees who bought and generously donated. 

One of the cakes was just too good to slice, so was raffled off and the lucky winner was delighted. 

At the end of a fun day and quite a few calories later, we managed to raise a whopping £569 for Breast Cancer Now.


Hilde’s Story

Earlier this year, our colleague Hilde decided to sign up for the ‘100 miles in March’ challenge for the charity Mind, which is close to her heart. This decision probably saved her life.

Whilst carrying out her walks each day, Hilde felt a little uncomfortable and noticed some anomalies, a lump in her left breast. Thinking that it may just be due to the activities she was carrying out and the change to using a sports bra, she decided to wait to see if this went away and if not, would visit the doctor when she had completed the challenge. It didn’t go away.

Hilde contacted her GP and was referred instantly; she was seen in clinic at the hospital within 2 weeks. Her work colleague and longtime friend Elizabeth went with her to the appointment.

Following a mammogram, biopsy and further investigation, the consultant advised the results looked suspicious.

Hilde explains that her immediate thoughts when being told that she had breast cancer were, ‘how bad is it?’. It was confirmed she was at stage 3.

Hilde explains that a treatment plan was agreed, and this would mean radiotherapy which consisted of 20 sessions every day for 4 weeks. Elizabeth being with her for every session.

Hilde explains that she has a very positive attitude to life, and this helped her through. Every visit she would go with a smile and a joke, that is not to say that cancer is not serious, it is scary and can be a killer and not everyone gets the best outcome, however feeling determined to fight with positivity was Hilde’s way.

She recalls the people that she met on this journey, those same faces in clinic – day in, day out – each with a story and fight of their own, and now considers some to be lifelong friends.

Hilde cannot speak highly enough of the ‘wonderful NHS’, which is massively underfunded and under-resourced, but the staff pull out all the stops and nothing is too much trouble, not just whilst going through treatment, but also with support groups after treatment has finished.

The journey continues for Hilde, and she waits to hear that the treatment has been successful for her.

A story which is filled with friendship, positivity, and hope. Thank you, Hilde, for sharing your story with us and we wish you all the very best.


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